Who Are "Your People?"


I had a friend in college who was only in my life for a very short season. She was the kind of person who you would never be caught in small talk with. She always had purpose and conviction in everything she said. It was amazing. She didn't always a say a lot but when she spoke, it was powerful and it got you thinking. I LOVED IT & I LOVED HER FOR IT.

So one night, we had a conversation that went something like this: we were talking about how God calls us all to do certain things in life. She told me that she believed that God went a step further than calling us to "just do certain things." She believed that God calls us all to a specific people group that then leads us to do something that will impact that people group. She told me if I ever find myself wondering about my purpose to ask myself: who is my people group?


So what do I mean by people group? I mean who does your heart yearn to help? What breaks your heart when you see an injustice? For some of us that's a hard question because we might just yearn to help everyone. But for some of us, it might strike a chord. Maybe your people group is struggling single moms, men/women being trafficked, homeless people, orphans, refugees, people with eating disorders, the list is endless and no people group is more important than another. They all need that Love that surpasses all understanding.


My point is if you ever find yourself wondering what you are supposed to be doing with your life or wondering how you should be making an impact, think about who your heart draws you to reach, and then go find a way to love on those people. Live your purpose by helping those people. Make the world a better place by reaching your people. You were given a heart for those people for a reason. If you have the heart, you will figure out the way to get it done, and what's super exciting about that is God will honor your efforts to do so. Passion for a cause will always surpass anything that you think is holding you back from reaching the people on your heart. Don’t lose sight of your people and your purpose. That's all. 


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