Livin' Your Best Life

hey you. I hope you never find yourself sold out on the belief that the best days of your life have already happened (high school, college, friendships, you name it) OR that they are still yet to come (relationships, career, finances, you name it).

I think it’s SO SO good to cherish the moments that have happened and to be excited for the moments to come — BUT I don’t think it’s good to set the entirety of your focus looking back only on what was and/or looking forward to only what could be. why? because you’ll find yourself missing out on experiencing the beautiful things happening right now in THIS moment. okay, so maybe you’re in a season that is not what you would call beautiful right now BUT don’t let that keep you from experiencing life fully. even those “bad seasons” of life can still be packed with some of the most amazing moments and memories if you are open to it.

maybe it’s just me, but I am a believer that the best days of your life are not limited to the days that already happened or the days that are yet to come. the best days of your life are the days that are happening RIGHT NOW. the best days of your life are what you do with what you have with the people you love in this moment. that’s all.

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 - CD