New Blog Series: #StoriesOfCreativeTypes

"There isn't a person that you wouldn't love if you could hear their story."

I've always been a lover of people's stories. Hearing the stories of how people have gotten to where they are currently whether it be in their career, their personal lives, or their relationships deeply fascinates me. I could sit and listen to people talk all day about their past moments of who they've met, where they've gone, and the lessons they've learned along the way that have led up to who they are now. I think that our stories are a huge aspect of what makes us, us. All of our stories and experiences come into play of who we are and who we want to be in some shape or form.

Through the years, I often felt like my interests and passions were all over the place and I could never find a word that I felt encapsulated everything I enjoyed doing. That was, until recently when I discovered the phrase "creative type." I found myself really identifying with those words. The phrase is an accurate description of what I'm passionate about: creativity. I like that a creative type has the freedom to be defined for myself as I continue to grow in my creative abilities. As a creative type, I also like that the title doesn't necessarily put me in the box or outside of the box; it can change and it can stay the same.

So with that said, I am extremely excited to be launching a new blog series called #StoriesOfCreativeTypes. I am really thankful that the Lord has given me a passion for creativity. With the world of creativity that I've grown up in from ballet to modeling to film and more, I've had so many wonderful opportunities to work with artists from all fields of industry and walks of life. I like to call these people that I've met: fellow creative types. Working with a variety of creative types, I've always felt so privileged whenever I got the chance to hear even just a little bit about their personal stories and creative influences. The #StoriesOfCreativeTypes project's purpose is to feature my fellow creative type's stories. Often times with creatives, their work is completely at the forefront, but their stories of who they actually are and what has brought them to this moment are a mystery. I'm so excited to celebrate these people and their work through sharing their inspirations, passions, experiences from their journey of getting to where they are now as a creative type as well as their aspirations, dreams, and plans for the future!

This blog is all about discovery: discovering new thoughts, places, and now people's stories. I hope you'll enjoy hearing their stories just as much as I will listening and writing them. Stay tuned for the first post of the series coming soon! You can follow the project on both the blog instagram.

- CD