Sofia Resnik & Her Creativity with A Purpose

Here's to the first post of the #StoriesOfCreativeTypes project series!

When I first thought of the #StoriesOfCreativeTypes project, I knew right away that I wanted my dear friend  Sofia Resnik to be my first interview. We've known each other since meeting and modeling in the first Santa Fe Fashion Week in 2012. When I asked her for an interview, she so graciously and excitedly agreed to share with me her creative type story. Hearing about Sofia's life and all the aspects of it that has brought her to where she is now is nothing short of super cool.

Photo by Cathleen Daly

Let me first start off by saying this: Sofia Resnik is one of my absolute favorite people in the whole wide world. I've always admired how genuine this girl is. She's so kind and she couldn't hurt a fly. I mean literally, throwback to our summer pool days, I'd look over and this girl was saving the bugs from drowning in the pool. #SavingTheWorldOneBugAtATime

We met up on a Friday morning at Deep Space Coffee Shop in Downtown Albuquerque; a place we had been dying to check out since we first heard of it. The space was extremely aesthetically pleasing to our creative minds, so it only made sense for us to spend our first few minutes there just taking in the design and decor of the local shop.

When we got into our conversation, I started by asking Sofia if she had always considered herself a creative type. She described herself as having always been design-minded. In fact, it seems almost as if design runs through Sofia's blood since her mother is an art teacher and her father is a landscape designer. During her childhood, she shared with me that they didn't have a television in the house. But this didn't mean she grew up with boring days with nothing to do. Instead, it challenged her and her little sister Eden, to think outside the (television) box for ways to entertain themselves: they'd make up games, draw, write, and Sofia even learned how to develop her own creative independent projects.

Photo by BLU Photography

Sofia has a lot of passion for creative things, people, and the community. She expressed how her passion for creativity has developed because now she does not want to just create for the sake of creating but rather with a unique purpose to help those around her.

"I’ve always been really passionate about being in aesthetically pleasing places surrounded by people. However, I want there to be more meaning to it. I don’t want my future job to just be around pretty things, but rather with a purpose that helps the people in the community." Sofia expressed.

Photo by Cathleen Daly

Through Sofia's desire to be a writer growing up, she actually saw that her interests developed towards writing about real people rather than fictional plot lines. This desire carries with her today as she and a friend started their very own online pop-up publication Reluctant Farmer Magazine. The formatting and design inspiration for this magazine comes from the creation of their first magazine "Fraise" that was published back in their high school days. Her high school magazine Fraise focused on fashion, design, and architecture. Through this experience of creating her first magazine she realized how cool it was to have a publication and have the ability to put ideas out in that way. As well as developed her interests in visual design.

Photos via @ReluctantFarmerMagazine Instagram

Sofia expressed how her interest in sustainability stemmed (pun intended ;) from being raised in a household where there was an emphasis on importance of organic food. School also helped open her eyes to the understanding that not everyone has the opportunity to have organic food as a part of their lives. She's learned that this kind of food can sometimes seem “exclusive” and that some communities don’t even have access to this kind of food. She now understands that the access and knowledge of organic and sustainable foods has been a huge privilege. Having a passion for this subject and growing in knowledge, she wants to be able to share that with others. Her latest project,

Reluctant Farmer Magazine combines her passions for sustainability, creativity, design, and purpose. Reluctant Farmer's mission is to make sustainable food sources accessible to everyone regardless of one's income or location. The magazine highlights and supports local farming and organic foods, as well as educates viewers on how to find and grow their own organic food sources. The pop-up publication is a mix between a blog and an online magazine. The publication ran through the month of June, posting new content and stories every week through the magazine's website and instagram.

"Inspiration for the magazine comes through featuring different farmers; it is essentially community based inspiration. Without the people, there would be no magazine." Sofia stated.

Photo by Firebrand Photography

In addition to her magazine works, Sofia has been modeling since she was in her late teens. It all started with modeling for a local hair show and now she is signed with Matt Timmons Agency, shot with numerous photographers and companies, and has starred in a music video.

Modeling has helped boost her confidence. Especially when it comes to meeting and working with new people. This confidence has helped her to reach out to people for her magazine stories. Since she draws her inspiration primarily from being surrounded by other creative types, modeling has been a great way to meet other creatives and collaborate with them.

Photo by Brian Love

Sofia attends Occidental College in LA where she is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Studio Art. However, she is about to start her Junior Year studying abroad in New Zealand for the fall semester. She's looking forward to getting out of her comfort zone, learning how to become even more independent miles away from home, and feeding her interest in sociology by observing the interactions of others in a different country.

Half-joking/half-serious, Sofia stated, “I have to cook all my own meals, so hopefully I’ll become a great cook!” 

When Sofia is not working shoots or adding to her pop-up publication, she spends her time relaxing by drawing, going on little walks in nature, netflix-ing (a college essential), hanging by the pool, and reading in her backyard hammock. 

She doesn't know exactly how things will pan out (but can anyone really say they do?). She does know career wise, she would like to go into interior architecture with community-oriented public spaces such as restaurants, stores, and spas. She also hopes to return back to Albuquerque where she was born and raised. Despite the unpredictability of future plans, Sofia left us with this advice for people who also may want to start a publication:

“It can be really intimidating to someone who is nervous to share their ideas in a format like a magazine and knowing that people are going to read their ideas. I would say, the whole process can be overwhelming. But get your foot in the door, start posting more opinions on social media, interview people that inspire you, and you’ll realize that other people will be interested in what you have to say. Try to make something that you would want to read. I say to myself, 'If I saw this, would I want to read it?' 

That’s how I check.”

Photo by Beth Wells

Sofia Resnik is the kind of young woman who holds a unique sense of purpose, passion, and creativity while staying completely humble and kind. Despite the time and distance we may spend apart, I am so thankful to call this girl one of my closest friends. This girl is going places (and designing them too). Wishing you the grandest of grand adventures in New Zealand! I can't wait to hear all about it!