Shut It All Down


Up until about 5 hours ago, I was ready to shut it all down: blog, facebook, instagram, pinterest, even the snapchat account that I hardly use. Nothing new here. Social media can sometimes be overwhelming....

So why am I still here and not in shutdown mode? Because as I was pulling into the grocery store earlier today with thoughts heavy on my mind while in a rush to buy some frozen creamed spinach that happened to be on sale while trying to make it home in time to get ready for a shoot (one of my favorites yet, more to come on that — squirrel! sorry back to my story!), I saw a parking sign for online grocery pickup. It was a sign —LITERALLY! (sorry had to say it) that reminded me how the advancement of technology and the creation of social media has dramatically changed our world.

I took a moment to sit in my car to write these thoughts: I love 2019. Because of the growth of technology and social media, we have more access to communication than ever before to stay connected to those we love. Social media and the thousands of other apps that have been, and continue to be created, allow us to talk to our friends and family, no matter how near or far they may be. Social media even connects us to new people that we may have never met without the online connection.

Technology is saving lives in new ways. Literally. Because of the tech innovation in the medical industry, people have access to tools that can diagnose diseases before they become fatal, that can replace broken organs and bones in their body, and that can teach us how to live healthier lives.

Technology has made access to information more available than ever before. We have search engines that we can type in any question our minds could possibly think of and in a split sec populate 1.5 billion answers from experts, enthusiasts, and elementary teachers (I needed another “e” word for the alliteration, open to other suggestions for that last one HAHA). For the people who struggle in school or for the people who may not have access to the best education, they can master anything they want on their own from the never-ending list of online resources. For those who just want to learn a new hobby, they can look up any tutorial on cooking, juggling, or teaching their dog to sit on command. You name it, there’s a digital resource for it.


Social media has drastically changed the arts and media industry. You don’t need to be on a stage to have a platform. You can have a YouTube page. Some of our favorite musicians, performers, and artists have been discovered because they have been able to post their talents online. Libraries aren’t the only places where books exist. You can read pages and pages of articles online, blogs, online forums, pinterest graphics, and shared docs written by writers and poets that possibly, without technology, we may have never been able to read their words.

Social media has brought to light so many various social issues across the workplace, cultures, societies, and industries that mainstream media can fail to represent. Technology and social media has equipped the majority of our world with an opportunity to make a digital impact that can translate into a physical, societal, and cultural impact.

Technology and social media allow us so many more opportunities than hindrances, if we allow it to. I really could keep going on about the positive impacts that technology has created for everyone, and maybe I will do that in another post. But for now, I’ll leave you with this: Technology and social media is NOT something that should scare us into shutdown mode. Technology and social media SHOULD inspire us to take advantage and embrace the mediums that we are so fortunate to utilize in this year we call 2019.

Also, we can now order our groceries online and then just drive over to the store and have them loaded into our cars for us...UMMM how cool and convenient is that?!

Photographer: @skip.andy
Ring Light: geekoto_photography