Plant Kindness Wherever You Go


Today, I find myself thinking on kindness. I find myself in awe of how God lavishes His kindness on us, and how, because of this lavish kindness, we are given the opportunity to lavish kindness on others. Each and every day we get to choose if, and how, we want to give kindness to others through our thoughts, our words, and our actions. I am no expert in kindness and honestly, there are MANY moments, every single day, that I don’t take advantage of the opportunities to share kindness in my thoughts, my words, and my actions.

We have the ability to express kindness in the grandest of gestures and through world changing feats — and that is something amazing to recognize and celebrate. But, I also like to think of kindness as something grand to be celebrated in our “seemingly” little moments and choices throughout our days — even when it goes unrecognized.

I think choosing kindness in the everyday is the way in which you decide to return your grocery cart to the rack instead of leaving it by your car or hanging off the sidewalk because “that’s what everyone else did” JUST to make it a little easier on the employee who has to gather up all those carts in the 100 degree weather. Choosing kindness is stacking your plates neatly at your table at after finishing lunch INSTEAD of waiting on your server to do it all for you because “why do that? that’s his job.” Choosing kindness is pulling the sheets off of your bed and picking the pillows up off the floor at end of your hotel stay on vacation SO when the maid comes into clean the room, your room is a little bit easier to tidy up than the other 35 rooms she’s cleaned that day.

These are the moments of kindness that don’t win you any awards; there won’t be a book written about you; your name won’t be inducted into a hall of fame; the person you showed this kindness to might not ever know you or even know your name.

BUT that’s how it should be. The point of kindness should not be to win an award or to be recognized. Kindness is a word, a thought, or an action that gives integrity and shows thoughtfulness to the people around you. Kindness is one of the ways in which God gives us the opportunity to lavish His love on others in the simplest and the grandest of ways. Kindness plants something in the day of the people around you. Kindness plants something in you. So maybe, just maybe when you choose to think, to say, or do something kind or something that might make someone’s day just a little bit easier you helped plant something special in their day. No matter how big or small it may seem, I hope you are always encouraged to plant kindness wherever you go.