Pink Dreams & Apartment Life


When I was a little girl, I watched the movie Beethoven 2 and the evil woman in the film lived in an entirely pink house (or at least that’s what I remember). I didn’t like the evil lady at all, but I LOVED her house because I LOVED pink. So, as a little girl, I had dreams that someday I was going to have a house like that (minus the evil lady). 


I never officially shared this update, but I have been living in my first solo apartment in PHX for the past 6 months & it’s been so fun. This pink chair that I am sitting in was found at my favorite antique store and was the finishing touch on making that little kid dream of having a pink house come true. My house is definitely not as pink as that evil lady’s house but it’s definitely got SOME pink in it.


Why am I telling you this? Because I want to remind you to take a moment and think back on all your little kid dreams. They were there for a reason and they happened because anything was possible for you and it excited you. Whether it was to have a pink house or do something to change the world (or both 😉), think about how you can make your kid version dreams still happen in the today version of your life. That’s all. 

- CD

Photos by Rachel Fischer Visuals.