Adventure Is Out There

"My favorite place to go is somewhere I've never been."

I absolutely adore traveling and exploring. As funny as it sounds, I love airports. Why you may ask? Because it tends to be the place where some of my greatest adventures begin. I love seeing the world and having the privilege of admiring the depths of God's creation. Whenever I find myself in a new place, I do my very best to explore it as much as possible. I always have stories and photos to share of the places I visit when I am away from home; I personally find that there really is no excitement that compares to the one of finding yourself someplace new.

I go to school out of state, and I have done quite a bit of exploring in that state. However, I'm from New Mexico, and I have lived here almost my whole life. Yet, I feel that I have a small amount of knowledge and a miniscule amount of personal experience on what there is to do in my own state other than the typical, everyday activities. People from all over the world and even New Mexico residents ask me, "What is there to do in New Mexico?" I could tell them all the cool things to do at the other places I've been to, but I have found myself unable to tell anyone much about what to do in my own state other than what I've heard of or can recollect from distant childhood memories. I want to change this mindset of mine. I fully believe that there are exciting things to do in New Mexico, but just like every other place in the world, you have to experience it personally to fully understand and appreciate it.

So I've decided to challenge myself to explore the state I like to call home. Starting this summer break a.k.a. right now I am going to personally experience the fun, interesting, and exciting things to do in New Mexico. I am going to learn how to be a tourist in my own state, and I am going to discover for myself the meaning behind the state's nickname "The Land of Enchantment."

I hope that you will enjoy the posts, photos, and stories I will be sharing about this new adventure! I am excited to explore and discover what New Mexico has to offer! Here's to going places I've never been!

- CD