These Are My Thoughts

More from the Europe backpacking adventure diaries. Believe it or not, people actually thought I was talking about Australia when I told them I was going to Austria...

So occasionally I find myself having conversations with people about the existence of God. Most of the time, it is with people who do not believe in God or a higher power of any sort. I'll be completely honest, even as a firm believer in God, in those times I can find myself feeling kind of awkward telling others of something that I am so strongly sure about. Sometimes, even if it is just for a split second, I feel like I sound absolutely ridiculous trying to discuss God's existence.

But then I have moments like this, standing on top of a mountain in Austria. A mountain that was in no possible way built by any human. A mountain that by no means needs any filter or editing to capture the exquisiteness of its being. A mountain like this is where I find myself unable to fathom the non-existence of God. 

How could God not exist when there are so many wonders like this that we have the privilege of not only seeing but also experiencing firsthand? How could God not exist when His love is so clearly revealed to us whether through the people He puts in our lives, the mountains that we get to hike, the view that we get to experience after the hike, and just by the natural beauty that is so evident in this world? 

And what's even crazier to think about it all after seeing this kind of beauty, is that this is just a sneak peek of what's to come. When experiencing this kind of beauty, it doesn't seem so far out there to be embracing the existence of God. It makes perfect sense. 

- CD