'Sup, 23?

Birthdays. They always make me reflect. I was feeling a little anxious about this year’s bday and I wasn’t quite sure why. But as I dug deeper into looking back on all that has happened in the past year, I realized…

22 was a Y E A R. Chocked full of a lot of fun, heartbreak, change, but most importantly, growth and clarity.

With everything that happened in this past year, I am always lead back to gratitude. It seems like a lot has happened especially in the past few weeks leading up to 23 (excited to share some of these things with you later on), and with it, I am just finding myself in awe of how I continue to see God work in such intricate ways in my life.

So peace out, 22.

Here’s to a year of 23, whatever it may be.

P.S. Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes! I am so blessed and thankful to be surrounded by beautiful humans!

Cathleen Daly 23