Hey You, World Changer

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Hey you. Okay, so maybe you’re not changing the world in the ways that you thought you would be right now but maybe it’s because you’ve been looking at the world as if it’s so big that you’re not ready for it yet or the right opportunity hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe you believe that the world is just a vast, distant place out there to tackle and make an impact on someday once you’re famous, rich, successful, or “when you have it altogether.”

Maybe what you haven’t noticed yet is that the world exists in the person sitting right next to you in your work meeting, in your cashier at the grocery store, in your waiter at dinner, in the person you pick up the phone to call after a long day, in the family and friends that you care deeply about. they all matter in someone’s world and they all matter in your world too.

So hey, don’t wait till this or that happens to finally feel like you can make an impact on the world because I’m telling you the world is already right here in front of you. Right this moment. You have the influence to change it right now and make it better right now. Just take a second to see who has been put in your life, love them like a Wildfire, and then watch how that Love spreads. That’s all. 

- CD