116 Degrees


It’s going to be a high of 116 today and my air conditioner broke yesterday. I was given a temp air conditioner that also broke and then blew a fuse — which also, shut off my microwave (mid-cooking dinner), wifi, tv, fan...well, pretty much everything.

Now, normally, this could equate a really crappy day. In fact, I had just shared with someone earlier about how joy was exceptionally present in my life lately yet I was somewhat fearful that something was going to happen that would take that joy away — AND then something DID HAPPEN. But the funny thing was...when my ac broke, I actually found it all kinds of hilarious and was surprised to find that my joyful mood was unshaken. It was not taken away from me because I didn’t allow it to be. Rather, than be frustrated with what WAS broken, I found myself in a state of thankfulness for what was still working.

Maintenance called me to profusely apologize that the ac couldn’t be fixed till today. He was shocked when I wasn’t mad. I explained to him the hilarity I found in it and that I would just stay over at a friend’s place in the meantime. You see, it’s expected in our world to be upset, mad, frustrated when “bad things” happen to us. It’s not expected to be joyful.

hey, my broken things are probably nothing in comparison to yours. I don’t know what you’re going through specifically, but I just want to say this: whatever is broken in your life whether it is your ac (and it’s during the hottest week in phx) or something else that’s happening your life, there is still opportunity for JOY through it all, if you allow it. Cling to Joy and the trials of life will leave you unshaken. That’s all. 

(p.s. thanks Chels & Bri for letting me crash at your place last night)

- CD